The Amazing Puppy Program. ❤️  Learning starts as soon as your dog is born.  Every experience has a role in shaping the dog they become.  As a pet owner you have many things tugging at your attention.  Sometimes that means you have some trouble being the consistent teacher that is absolutely necessary.  Your dog can be confused with the rules.  I promise you he's not "getting back at you" with anything he's doing.  He just needs things to be cleared up.
The Amazing Puppy Program

Puppy Training Program with Lifetime Behavior Support.

A 2-Week Board and Socialize Sleepover.    A Well Socialized Dog, Is a Confident Dog.   My super-socialization plan will help your puppy become acclimated to all types of sight, sounds, and smells. To a puppy, the whole world is new, strange, and unusual, so think of everything he encounters as an opportunity to make a new, positive association.  Proper socialization can prevent a dog from becoming, for example, always fearful of children, or of riding in a car and help him develop into a well mannered happy companion.  Let's talk about your situation.  

Your puppy can be a wonderful part of the family or can dominate every decision you make.  He needs someone to introduce him to everything possible in the world, and do it the right way.  You probably could use someone to firm up that house training schedule, curb the biting, jumping, barking and chewing.  You may like someone to pick up this furry handful and bring you back a controllable but life-loving playful puppy.  I'm someone who is solely focused on your puppies needs because  I love doing it.  Making every moment a learning opportunity.
With me learning will always be compassionate, patient, kind, consistent and understanding.  Totally based on your puppies moods and abilities.  24/7 - me and your puppy.  I'll be just like his big sister, taking him around, showing him the ropes.  He'll build confidence with every interaction.  And there will be lots of them!  We'll go completely at his pace covering a very broad range of interactions.  Sparking his curiosity.  What others charge extra for, like cuddle time and extra walks, we'll do THE ENTIRE TIME he's with us.   We'll work out a communication style, I'll be consistent and he'll understand what I'm asking of him. I believe so much in my training that I'm offering a Lifetime Guarantee.
 I'll shape your puppies behavior, while still letting him be a puppy.  
 This is not just a training program.    My methods are different.  I won't be putting a shock collar or prong collar on your puppy.  I won't step on his sweet paws, or put my knee in his chest to stop him from jumping.  Your puppy will never be alone or locked in a cage.  He is the star of the show,  Whatever we are doing is focused on what he's ready for.  He won't ever be fighting for my attention.   We only work with one dog at a time and there are only 20 spots available per year.  Your  puppy will be systematically, cautiously and lovingly exposed to things he could find stressful in the environment with a buddy by his side (me).  He'll be exploring the community events, big crowds, other animals, different noises, different kinds of humans, busy ballparks, popular dog friendly restaurants, water and much, much more in a safe, controlled and positive way.  This is the way he'll grow confidence for meeting new things for the rest of his life.  
 Compare to the cost of boarding or traditional training.
 Nightly boarding average cost in $50 / night.  A 2 - week stay can cost $700. Now add in extra walks, night snack, required bath, extra communication with you.  All the little extras you want your baby to have.  Now your total is $1000. What will your dog actually get?  He'll get to hang out with a group of like sized, like personality dogs.  Per the boarders routine, at bedtime he will go into his cage. He'll be there until morning when the first staff member arrives for work.  Then he'll be 1 of many (how many?) that's hungry or needs his cage cleaned up because he couldn't "hold it".  Maybe he's one of many that's lonely or  that has a lot of energy pent up. The average professional dog trainer charges upwards of $75 an hour, to teach YOU how to teach your dog. 
Puppy Home School
 A Crash Course in Raising a Great Puppy .  So you feel pretty good about your abilities to raise a Super Puppy.  You have nothing but time to supervise your puppy and make sure all the interactions are positive.  Because it's such a big deal, you'd feel better if you had a plan to follow.  Together we'll make a plan that fits with your life and gives your puppy the best chance at becoming a welcome part of your family.
The Easy Button
$100 / pet
Focused Training Done for You.

This is for the family with a teenage or adult dog that's usually pretty good, but there's that one thing that's been making you or the neighbors crazy.  I will do high intensity and fun focused learning (always in a loving way) to work on changing the behavior.  This is also a wonderful choice if it's someone else's dog making you crazy.  I can teach you how to act with the dog for more pleasant interactions. 

Satisfaction guaranteed - Behavior problems aren't created in a short time and that means getting rid of the problem will take time too.  Happiness can happen quicker and less expensive for you, if you follow my guidance and work on your behavior problem consistently at home.  This program will cost you $100 for each thorough training session, up until $500.  I will still continue to come train if more sessions are needed after 5!  That said, If things are better after 1 session, we can also stop there.  I'll always be available to you for questions related to this particular behavior problem in the future.

Prices include all the training, educational materials and follow up needed. 

Weekly Workshops (woof-shops)
Group Socialization Walks.

Does your dog need some help when out in the community?  Would you really like to be able to take your dog to the art walks, local bars or restaurants, baseball games etc.?  Does he act insane (barking, jumping, pulling, not coming when you call).  Join us for  Dog T.R.I.P.S.  (Training Right in Public Spaces)