Individualized plans for every dog and family.
Puppy Training with Kids and Games

These are puppy training and socialization games that are best taught by children.  Fun for everyone - Fun to watch and fun to do!  This is a Super Fun Puppy Party that will build your puppies mind and the relationship between the kids and their life long furry family member.  

The Amazing Puppy Program

Imagine your puppy spending on average 3 hours per day with a loving, positive, and kind dog trainer, out and about in the community!  He'll be learning effortlessly while playing games and meeting a variety of people and animals.  Imagine these training times adjusted to work with your personal and fluctuating schedule.  The puppy-weeks seem long, but they are very short compared to all the new and exciting things your puppy has to learn and experience, like potty training, good manners and developing the right habits. The Amazing Puppy Program starts as soon as your puppy comes home and stops at about 16-18 weeks of age.  Call me for a free consultation and demo with your very own puppy! The Amazing Puppy Program also comes with a lifetime guarantee.